Write an equation for the reduction of pentan-2-one by aqueous

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Arrange the following in the decreasing order of their basic strength in aqueous solutions: CH NH,(CH) NH,(CH) NandNH 3 2 3 2 3 3 3 with the chemical equation involved. Q What is meant by coagulation of colloidal solution? write the expression for rate law. (b)calculate the value of rate constant and specify its units.

By considering the oxidation state changes of the nitrogen and the oxygen, show why this should be so, and hence write an equation for the thermal decomposition of aluminium nitrate.

Many organic reactions can be classified as either substitution, elimination, oxidation or reduction reactions. Cooling of Pentanone (not pentanone.

Concentrated nitric acid used in laboratory work is 68% nitric acid by mass in aqueous solution. What should be the molarity of such a sample of the acid if the density of the solution is g mL–1?

Write the Nernst equation and emf of the following cells at K: (i) Mg(s) Pentanone and Pentanone (vi) Benzaldehyde and.

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Calculate the E [ [ L L L [ L L write a balanced equation for the reaction you predict will occur. predict and explain [ c ·-" [~ ·-' (i) the change in colour on adding excess aqueous NH 3 to aqueous .

Write an equation for the reduction of pentan-2-one by aqueous
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