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West Coast Book Haul: Lisa Goldstein to Nick Mamatas, Angela Carter to Banksy

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Mamatas finds new life in the old apocalyptic cliches, and even this late in the zombie craze, he manages to deliver a highly caustic and entertaining end-of-the-world satire.

Some of my favorites are Nick Mamatas, Christopher Golden, Michael Hodges (I am biased since he’s a client of mine), Kate Jonez, Silvia Moreno-Garcia (who writes and edits a lot of women-driven Lovecraft), and Jennifer Brozek. May 19,  · And here are some authors who have committed but have not sent in articles as of yet.

Most of these have given a confirmation, but just need more time. Once their articles are in, they will be put into the schedule.

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My latest piece for the @oxfordamerican is on writing about Brooklyn from Mississippi. https: which includes great work from writers like Nick Mamatas, Michael Moorcock, Lisa Goldstein, Dennis Danvers, Margaret Killjoy, JJ Amaworo Wilson, and others.

Check it out if ya want! Nick Ban Nazis Mamatas Account Status: Verified. Nick Mamatas is a sharp, sarcastic, amazing writer whose fiction runs the gamut from horror to speculative to literary.

The People’s Republic of Everything gathers his short fiction from the past decade and puts it in one book.

Nick mamatas writing advice articles
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