Is it appropriate for juvenile offenders to receive adult punishment

Penalties for juvenile offenders

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Juvenile Court Sentencing Options

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13 Typical Punishments for Juvenile Offenders

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What makes juvenile offenders different from adult offenders?

As of 1 Aprilyoung offenders aged 16 to 22 can be tried either as a juvenile or as an adult, under adolescent criminal law. This allows the court to take the offender’s development into account. Alleged juvenile offenders who are prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system, subject to adult sanctions, or serving time in adult facilities must be afforded the same substantive and procedural rights as alleged and convicted criminal offenders.

However, there are studies, which indicate that juveniles transferred to criminal court receive less punishment, then those retained in juvenile courts. Whatever the case maybe these types of crimes are of concern throughout the public and treating these offenders as adults was a necessary requirement.

Juvenile crime and punishments can be different from the types of punishments that are ordered in adult criminal cases.

The first court established expressly for juveniles was built in Chicago in to address the issue of juvenile crime and punishments. Whatever the reason for criminal behavior, it is clear that a blind punishment rule that cannot address individual circumstances and differences between a juvenile and an adult is inappropriate.

Juvenile Crime and Punishments

Parents catch their kids, ages 17 and 11, doing the same “bad” thing. Jun 08,  · Juvenile Offenders Should Receive Life Sentences, i.e.

Juvenile Life Without Parole: An Overview

they should be treated as an adult. If he is mature to commit such heinous crimes then he is .

Is it appropriate for juvenile offenders to receive adult punishment
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