How to write article for town meeting warrant

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Frequently Asked Questions about Municipal Law

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Selectmen review warrant articles for March Town Meeting

Punctuality it securely between ideas, under the doormat, or in another permanent place. The warrant for the annual Town Meeting opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, and it closed at noon Friday, Jan. During this seven-week period articles -- which are agenda items for Town Meeting to consider -- were submitted to the selectmen's office, second floor, Town Hall.

In Massachusetts, residents may place articles on the warrant without approval by the Selectmen by petitioning to insert the same.

Petitions to insert an article on the warrant for an Annual Town Meeting require ten signatures. 5 days ago · There were three such resident petitions on the article warrant of the Nov.

13 special town meeting, and all three failed to get the necessary votes on the town meeting floor to win approval. Oct 09,  · WARRANT ARTICLES.

FOR SPECIAL TOWN MEETING. OCTOBER 23, MINUTES. PENOBSCOT, SS, TOWN OF STETSON, STATE OF MAINE. TO: CATHERINE FISHER, a resident of the Town of Stetson, in the County of Penobscot. petition articles are the first Monday in February for the Spring (Annual) Town Meeting, the first Monday in August for the Fall Town Meeting, and thirty days prior to the date of any special town meeting.

Warrant Article Submission Instructions Town of Arlington registered voters are required to insert an article into a Special Town Meeting warrant. For Office Use Only – Do Not Write In This Area Proposed Name/Subject Matter.

How to write article for town meeting warrant
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